Our Story

Each one of us has a unique and powerful story filled with moments of joy and pain, victory and loss. But none of these stories can be isolated to just ourselves. Our story connects to other stories, and every story to the one, grand story of God, his creation, and the gospel. Join us on a four week journey as we examine the power of stories and how God wants to use yours in a much larger narrative for both his glory and the good of others.

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Sermon Resources


The Power of Stories

September 17 | Acts 17:22-32

Every person has a unique and powerful story that links us to God and positions us to love others.

Our Story in God’s Story

September 24 | Romans 3:21-28

We are all characters in God’s loving story of redemption. Our justification is fundamentally linked to His.

Our Story in Our Neighbor's Story

October 1 | Luke 10:25-37

Because our justification comes from God’s action rather than our own, we have been given a paradigm for loving others without the need for them to love us first.

Our Story in the World's Story

October 8 | Romans 8:18-25

God’s redemption is through one individual but never isolated to one individual. We are part of God’s plan for the restoration of all things.