Gracious Generosity

The good news of Jesus Christ's life, death, and resurrection is the clearest picture we have of "grace" in human history. As the early church shows us in Acts 2:42-47, grace received from God is never meant to end with ourselves; it's meant to be shared. Join us for this three week series as we look at the early church's example of how our relationship with a gracious and generous God cultivates a gracious generosity in each aspect of our lives.

Sermon Resources


How the Gospel Cultivates Generosity in Our Hearts

November 12 | Acts 2:42-43

The work of Christian devotion is meant to be a response to a heart that is in awe of the work of Christ.


November 19 | Acts 2:44-45

Thankfulness in receiving grace for our need from God is a catalyst for showing generous grace to those in need around us.

How the gospel cultivates generosity in our city

November 26 | Acts 2:46-47

The culmination of hearts changed by the generous grace of God and united together in Christian community is a movement of generously bending out that grace for the glory of God and the common good throughout the city.